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Nature Sticker
Fruit Sticker
Nature Scene Sticker
Window Sticker

Fruit Sticker_Apple / sticker_new arrival

This is the Apple Sticker from the Fruit Sticker. It expresses the seductive appearance of a red apple in accordance with the meaning of the apple blossom, "temptation." The apple has a covetous color which would likely appear in a scene of a fairy tale. The charming pattern which looks like light dots on a heavy apple also stands out.

Fruit Sticker_Cherry / sticker_new arrival

This is the Cherry Sticker from the Fruit Sticker. It depicts cherries from various angles with their long stems, which are an essential feature of cherries. By delicately expressing the redness of the same yet different cherries, various species are shown more realistically.

Fruit Sticker_Lemon / sticker_new arrival

This is the Lemon Sticker from the Fruit Sticker. It emphasizes vitality with the lemon which that cannot stand still and rolls around due to its pointy tips at both ends. To express the refreshing taste of lemon, a clear and clean yellow color with a high chroma was used.