Clip / new arrival

This is the Clip from Appree fills the ordinary day with natural materials, turning the daily scenery into a non-daily heart. Feel the healing and gift that the moments of nature offer through Apree's metal clip. Allow Apree's clips to infuse your daily life.

Cloud Wrist Rest / Wrist Rest

This is the Cloud Wrist Rest from Appree reminds you of sentimental cloud, always there in one corner of your desk. Whether it's the soft morning light, the setting sun, or glimpses of clouds in the dark night sky, they bring small joys to your daily life.

Sprout Gel Pen / Gel Pen

This is the Sprout Pen that nature bloom in your everyday. The Sprout Pen descibes freshness and strength of sprout from the earth. You can feel the excitement of nature into your daily life with flexible material of pen. 

Coaster / Coaster

This is the Coaster that tells the traces of nature. It faithfully captures the delicate shape and texture of a ginkgo leaf on the coaster. You can feel the beauty that nature offers, preserved in the flexible material.

Banana Leaf  Tray / Multipurpose Tray 

It brings wisdom of life which has been accumulated for long time from using a banana leaf as a plate. It is multi-purpose product is useful for containing small office supplies and arranging efficiently.