The common denominator of Good Design, Best Design, Green Design, Smart Design is of course, ‘Design.’ This Design creates a nation’s identity and image and it is the core value of economy and the philosophy that determines our quality of life. It does not exist solely at the periphery of art but it supports the economy, addresses political issues and it can operate as an independent industry. Design itself often becomes culture.
Human beings attempt to create a new world through self-innovation. For the self-innovative practice, people tend to meditate by oneself or gather to talk. Reflecting on the past, pondering about the contemporary surrounding issues are the common subjects. Innovation of design is not different from such issues. It is the innovation of the humankind, daily life and language which is the equivalent of innovation of the world and its structure. Thus, innovating design have become to signify ‘SMART DESIGN.’
The main topic of [DESIGN TALK 2011] which will continue for 3 days is ‘Smart.’ Rather than talking about big-scale philosophy and theories, specific stories that are closely related to reality will be brought on the table. Intensive discussion on the function of design and the role of designers will be shared. [DESIGN TALK 2011] will be the sharing ground to exchange ideas on the ‘SMART’ World.