Design Story

Asian people used to be fun with nature such as raising fishes in a pond. However western culture blindly was adopted to Asian culture. It caused fishes were bred in a fishbowl. Then Asian angle seeing fish altered from top view to side view and lost the chance of looking the fishes back portion.

This product was oriented the way of our ancestor's attitude toward nature. The little fishbowl was designated to give a relaxed feeling to user by displaying it on the desk, which represent microcosm of nature as if ancestors did sitting and relaxing in the gazebo.

동양에서는 연못에서 물고기를 키우며, 자연과 함께하기를 즐겼습니다.  하지만, 물고기를 인위적으로 수조에 넣어 키움으로써, 물고기의 등을 보는 것이 아니라, 옆모습을 바라 보게 되었습니다.  'pond fishbowl'은 예로부터 우리가 자연에서 봐왔던 물고기의 모습을 담은 디자인으로, 옛 선조들이 정자에 앉아 연못의 경치를 즐기듯, 책상 위에서 작은 연못을 느낄 수 있습니다.


Material _ Ceramic
Size _ 150 x 250 x 50(mm)
Color _ White

Collaboration with Zhongkun Kim of PHILMUK, calligrapher / 2008