Recalling past memories everyone should try make bookmarks with dried leaves at least once as a child, we made the Sticky leaf. It can be used for decoration to refresh atmosphere as well as bookmarking and making some notes.  
*Ginkgo has been the host on Earth, they had lived with dinosaurs, that long. Ginkgo does not only have a thousand-long lifespan but it also reproduces extraordinarily. Cut any branch off down to ground then a bud would come out. Ginkgo live a great age with grand volume. It’s called live fossil. Korea, Japan, and China are well known areas where a ginkgo tree lives.

어릴 적에 한 번쯤, 나뭇잎을 말려 책갈피로 만들어 사용하던 추억을 떠올리며 스티키리프를 만들었습니다. 책갈피나 간단한 메모지의 역할 뿐만 아니라 주변 환경을 자연의 모습으로 바꿔주는 장식의 용도로도 활용할 수 있습니다.
*공룡이 살던 시절부터 함께 살아온 지구의 터줏대감입니다. 게다가 한번 뿌리를 내리면 1000년을 살고 번식력 또한 뛰어나서 아무 나뭇가지나 잘라 땅에 꽂아도 뿌리를 내립니다. 커다란 몸이지만 조용히 오래도록 살고 있는 살아있는 화석입니다. 대한민국, 중국, 일본 지역에 주로 분포돼 있습니다.


Sticky Memo Paper, PVC

Size and weight
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ L (3 leaves) _ 150 x 200(mm) / 23g
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ M ( 1 large leaf) _ 100 x 150(mm) / 10g
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ S (1 small leaf) _ 70 x 100(mm) / 5g
* Leaf Size _ Large - 85 x 55(mm) / Small - 70 x 40(mm)

Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ L (3 leaves) _ 60 sheets (20 sheets x 3 leaves)
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ M (1 large leaf) _ 20 sheets
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ S (1 small leaf) _ 20 sheets

Size and weight of inner box (20 unit)
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ L (3 leaves) _ 165 x 210 x 60(mm) / 535g
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ M (1 large leaf) _ 115 x 160 x 60(mm) / 253g
Sticky Leaf _ Ginkgo _ S (1 small leaf) _ 85 x 110 x 60(mm) / 143g

Green, Yellow

It is composed of two version, green and yellow.

Also it can be used the same way with general sticky notes.