Design Story

By this bookend, we tried to express a deer stepping softly on the heap of snow and hid behind a big rock at snowy night. This product can fix the book and produce our own small winter landscape on the desk. It is a beautiful addition to any array of books.

눈이 오는 겨울에, 소복한 눈을 밣고 지나간 호기심어린 사슴의 모습을 북앤드에 담았습니다.  책을 고정시키면서 서로 다른 숲의 모습을 가진 책꽂이가 겹쳐졌을때, 숲 속의 겨울 실루엣이 연출됩니다.

This book-ends have a scene of forest.

First series is deer of bushes.


Material _ Steel, PET
Size _ 165 x 140 x 75(mm)
Count _ Deer shape, Bush shape
Weight _ 483g
Color _ White