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Sticky Leaf Daisy is a sticky note pad that shape is petal. The bouquet is BOSC or a small forest in Latin. It is said to have originated that In order to get love to a woman, the man broke the daisy flower in the field and sent a bouquet of flowers in medieval Europe. The woman who received the bouquet picked up a flower and gave it to the man's chest as a mark to allow the man's heart. In addition, it is said that they share happiness and good fortune by distributing flowers to the people around them. Give your heart to a daisy flower so that someone's heart becomes a flower and the flower becomes a forest. 

2019.05 / Magazine 
Chaeg 2019.05 / Korea
아무튼, 식물, 이달의 상품

No.73 / 2020.01.23 
Appree Newsletter vol.12
어프리 뉴스레터 vol.12

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